Fraud/Chargeback Policy

All orders are subject to fraud analysis. To avoid order cancellation, please ensure your shipping and billing address match. If it does not match, your order will be cancelled.


TheeHairGenie upholds a zero-tolerance approach regarding fraud and corruption. TheeHairGenie will identify and promptly investigate any suspected fraudulent or related dishonest activity against the company or other parties with whom the organization has dealings. TheeHairGenie will take appropriate disciplinary and legal actions to include the possibility of termination of employment, restitution, and forwarding information to the appropriate authorities for prosecution. If fraud is suspected, you will be served by TheeHairGenie attorney for further legal action. 

All fraud including credit card fraud will not be accepted by TheeHairGenie and as such will be fully investigated and pursued under the law to its fullest extent. Any losses resulting on the TheeHairGenie’s behalf will be fully pursued in a civil lawsuit to claim back any losses incurred covering all business, legal fees, research costs, human resource and loss of income.

The customer shall have the right to file a complaint for a belief that a fraudulent transaction was committed. TheeHairGenie shall then conduct an investigation to determine whether the alleged transaction was fraudulent. The customer acknowledges that TheeHairGenie reserves the right to charge the Client a USD research fee (TBD) in order to conclude the investigation.


If TheeHairGenie receive, for any reason, a dispute, claim, and/or chargeback from your credit card issuer or any other payment method you use, you acknowledge that we have the right to:

All references to a “chargeback” refer to a reversal of a credit/debit card charge. There is no reason for a chargeback to ever be filed. If a credit is due, simply contact TheeHairGenie after reviewing our Return Policy. Customer agrees to immediately contact TheeHairGenie if customers’ credit/debit card was used fraudulently in connection with our Services. Customer agrees to repay TheeHairGenie all costs and expenses incurred as a result of any chargeback on customers file.

TheeHairGenie reserves the right to charge the Client with a research and administrative processing fee, if a chargeback is placed by the Client with his/her credit card company (either intentionally or unintentionally) for any deposit made to the Client’s Trading Account. This fee will be used to cover all investigative expenses to prove that the deposit was made by the Client upon receiving the chargeback from TheeHairGenie's merchant provider/payment service provider.

In the event of a chargeback placed by you with your credit card Company (done intentionally or by mistake) for any deposit made by you in your Company’s account, we reserve the right to block your account and then a thorough investigation will be carried out on behalf of TheeHairGenie to determine the legitimacy of the chargeback. The blocked amount will only be released if the chargeback is found to be valid.

By purchasing and reading this agreement, customer agrees to contact TheeHairGenie with the aim to resolve any problem the customer might have before requesting a fraud/chargeback from their bank or credit card provider at any time while or after using our services. A chargeback in breach of the foregoing obligation is a material breach of this Agreement.